New McCain Roastaurant

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Fenella Tobey by | Posted on 29th November 2017
New McCain Roastaurant

If there is one place in the world that is mad about their roasts it’s England. I thought it was a British thing, but no, turns out the Scots aren’t too bothered, (not sure about Wales), but we in England are just potty about them.

Every Sunday, it is a tradition for the family to sit down together and devour a Sunday roast. It is only when you visit other families however that you realise everyone has their own version and traditions, concerning how they like their roasts. There I was glibly thinking that everyone was sitting down to the same thing on a Sunday. No no no, not at all. Turns out there is an on going debate about what the best or most traditional roast is, and what the correct condiments and sides are to accompany your meat of choice.

Well, to celebrate the diversity of one of the nation’s favourite meals McCain’s (yes, the yummy oven chips) have decided to set up their own restaurant, sorry Roastaurant. You heard me, a place dedicated to roasts. A place with the soul motivation of delivering your perfect roast, no matter how you think it should come, no matter how much chocolate gravy or onion rings you think should accompany your roast partridge.

I know what you’re thinking, this sounds bizzare but also god damn delicious. Just one question, how does it work?

Guests will be invited to enter their choices in a tick style menu, giving you and the person next to you their preferred choice. Having done their research McCain have also found that the only staple and non-mover from every-bodies plates is the potato. Baring this in mind they will produce a giant pile of roast potatoes that everyone can dip into. This is not an invitation to go swimming amidst the giant pile of potatoes, merely an opportunity for you to take advantage of the buffet style set up.

The dinners will be available from 7 – 9pm. After that you can take part in the interactive gravy microbrewery. Why not take your roast game to the next level and experience unique flavours such as the chocolate and jerk gravy.

Opening on the 8th – 10th December 2017, at the Old Trumen Brewery on Brick Lane 

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