South Pole Saloon Returns to Brixton Rooftop

By Fenella Tobey |
6th November 2017

Christmas is creeping around the corner whether we like it or not, and with that in mind it’s time we gave ourselves a long look in the mirror and decide if we have been naughty or nice this year.

Before that happens however there is something you should know. The South Pole Saloon, is back, and it’s bigger and badder than ever.

We can almost hear the halos crashing off your heads and the wicked smiles etching across your faces. It’s time to escape the grime of the Brixton streets; follow your feet, and climb the stairs to the South Pole Saloon.

Sweet Candy Caner girls await you; with one mischievous look you’ll be sinning your way through a delicious list of festive cocktails. Perhaps you’ll be swigging on a “Snow Globe” or sipping down on a “Santa’s Tart”. Whatever your taste and whatever your mood, there will be a drink to set your taste buds tingling.

The saloon boasts three main bars, and a pumping sound system. DJs that will get your feet moving and your limbs swinging into the festive spirit. There is also a stage for live bands so keep your eyes peeled for performer announcements.

What about private hire, I hear you ask. Well before you even think it, no, you can’t hide a naughty Elf, or Candy Gal in your clutch to save for later, but; you can have your choice of the eight Candy Caner Cabins, and three VIP winter lodge themed rooms. You and your muckers can party the night away in private. Not even Santa will know if you’ve been naughty or nice.

Not only is there a great vibe, and great drinks, don’t get us started on the food. Four of London’s beloved street food traders have teamed up with the South Pole Saloon, to keep your tummy’s from grumbling. “Mac to the Future”, “The Lambassadors”, you’re salivating already aren’t you?

Come join the magic; leave your worries far below you and ascend to the roof top terrace of the South Pole Saloon.

South Pole Saloon Opens 23rd November

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