Covent Garden’s Wizard Tournament

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Phil Clarke by | Posted on 7th November 2017
Covent Garden’s Wizard Tournament

Anyone who’s ever looked after children will know that keeping them fully entertained for more than three minutes flat is an impossible job without intervention from the occult. Thankfully the Covent Garden Hotel has teamed up with a team of wizards (Sharky and George) and with a little hocus pocus and a tablespoon of newts’ eyes they will jump on a passing broomstick and immerse your children into a tale of witchcraft and wizards.

Sharky and George are London’s finest childrens’ entertainers. Having met at school, Charlie Astor (Sharky) and George Whitfield set up Sharky and George as a kids’ entertainment firm in 2007 and have since entertained the children of everyone, from Ewan McGregor to Samantha and David Cameron. Their formula is keeping it simple and immersing children into their imagination which is where the Covent Garden Hotel comes in.

The Wizard Adventure Package is designed by the hotel for families and includes a luxurious night stay at Covent Garden Hotel, before embarking on a one-of-a-kind experience, an immersive narrative based around a the Triwizard tournament.

Cast as wizards, families of up to 5 will be met at the Tower of London by one of the Sharky and George wizards who will then set off on a fun-filled two and a half hour journey around London. The wizard will have a goblet of fire which will produce the names of the children on the adventure. The children will then compete in the Wizard tournament to test their magical ability, intelligence and courage. With the help of Sharky & George’s wizard, the new champions must attempt to win the Wizard cup.

Needless to say it sounds like brilliant fun for all involved, a luxury filled night in a hotel for the parents, followed by sheer Sharky and George magic as children are captivated the next day.

Covent Garden Hotel: The Wizard Adventure Package for families is available now, 10 Monmouth StreetCovent Garden, WC2H 9HB


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