Break The Bank Dinner At Heliot Steak House

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Fenella Tobey by | Posted on 7th December 2017
Break The Bank Dinner At Heliot Steak House

Are you busy rolling around in your Christmas bonus, struggling to find something really fantastic to spend it on? Don’t have enough people to buy presents for this Christmas, or frankly think that you yourself are the bee’s knees and should probably just go spend £1000 on yourself?

Well, look no further, The Handbook has the perfect solution for your swollen pockets.

Fancy spending £1000 on a six-course dinner? Yes we thought so. Now buckle in, and listen up. On second thoughts lose the belt altogether, you won’t want it. Put your caftan on and prepare to gorge yourself.

The Heliot Steak House inside the Hippodrome at Leicester Square has created a feast like no other. Only the best, and only the most expensive for its patrons. It doesn’t mention oiled up bodies dangling fruits, and feeding us on chaise longs but since we will be paying £1000 for It, one must presume. It does mention however that each course will be introduced by the chef and creator himself, giving you a personal tour round each dish and its delicacies.

The ingredients are said to be an assortment of the very best from around the world. On the steak menu for example you can choose from the USDA prime filet wellington, or the Hokkaido snow beef, though countries apart, both are known to be the tenderest and juiciest of cow. Before this however you will have had the chance to feast upon canapés of Alaskan King Crab and Beluga Caviar.

As you slowly but surely shed money and gain pounds you must remember to leave room for dessert. A chocolate cylinder decorated in gold leaf with white and silver chocolate truffles. One inch at a time and you’ll be fine. You’re paying for it remember.

Don’t even get me started on the drinks; chosen by the Heliot’s in house sommelier. The menu is  made up of wines and champagnes from some of the finest vineyards, including Champagne Pommery, Domaine Roulot, Chateau Talbot and Château d’Yquem.

So, what do you think, A) got a bit of cash to spare? B) wouldn’t mind a bit more cushion for the pushin? And C) have you got the dedication to get the job done?

Available throughout December until Christmas Eve, pre-booking is needed up to 48 hours in advance.

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