Are you feeling a little rushed off your feet? Is life getting a little hectic in the lead up to Christmas? Do you need a little zen in your life?

If you have just spent the last three sentences vigorously nodding your head in despair then look no further. This month Xylem and Phloem have curated the perfect workshop for you. Somehow they have managed to combine yoga, brunch, and floristry into one harmonious afternoon. You will appear from the workshop with a glow bigger than the sun itself, so full of happiness and a sense of well-being.

The fitness and floristry duo; Tash Richards and Freddy Owen have come together to put relaxation and creativity back into your working month. Tash will be taking you through a dynamic vinyasa class, so it’s time to focus on your breathing and that elegant flow.

The fabulous florist Freddy will be leading a variety of technical floristry workshops, and since it is the season of festive tidings, Christmas trees, and mince pies, this month wreaths will be at the top of the list.

After stretching your bodies and bending your flower stems around wreaths, you will no doubt have worked up quite the appetite. Sophie Gordon will be on hand, whisking up some of the signature breakfast bowls from Dust Granola, giving you the opportunity to refuel and feed that creative hunger.

The workshops will be running on the 16th December and the 14th January.