The Samaritans Say Boo To Blue Monday

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Fenella Tobey by | Posted on 10th January 2018
The Samaritans Say Boo To Blue Monday

Monday the 15th January, has me quaking in fear. Why? Why you ask, because apparently it’s the most depressing day of the year. I had no idea this was the case, but now that I’ve been told, I can’t shake the growing dread that consumes me every minute the 15th gets closer.

With this in mind, the Samaritans have teamed up with Carnaby street for a tea takeover. In the true British sprit of things, the Samaritan crew are taking a stand with tea. Everything is better with a cup of tea. A good natter, a warm cuppa, and a soggy biscuit later, our troubles don’t seem half as bad, and days look far less grey. So how about you come join the fun, “Blue Monday” turns into “Brew Monday”.

Not depressing just rather ingenious.

Be in Kingly Court between 8 -11am and join the community get-together. The cafes and restaurants surrounding Carnaby street will be donating tea and other delicious hot drinks and treats in aid of the Samaritan’s Brew Monday Campaign.

Gather at Kingly Court at 8am on the 15th January to support the Samaritans campaign.

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