Amber: New Middle Eastern Restaurant Opening

29th January 2018

London, in fact British people in general, has an obsession with middle eastern food. From Ottolenghi’s vegetable dishes to the plethora of market stalls popping up across the city. We love the colours, the flavours, and the spices. Probably because it looks and tastes so different from our own favourite dish of bangers and mash with gravy, which simply features three shades of brown.

With this in mind there is a new kid on the block featuring all the beautiful colours, textures, and flavours we’ve grown to love. Amber is coming to Aldgate East with an extensive range of authentic middle eastern dishes.

Though the menu speaks of traditional meals they have not been afraid of embracing London’s modern movement. There is a range of yummy plates available from breakfast to lunch and straight through to supper. Whether you’re looking for small morsels or a large filling feast, Amber has something to tempt you.

Not only is the menu colourful but the restaurant has used the hues of a midsummer garden as inspiration for the new décor. Dusty pinks and pale greens with earthy ash wooden chairs and potted plants.

Sounds pretty lovely if you ask us.

Ooh and want to know something cool? The restaurant gets its name from the ancient Amber trade route.

Now you can rock up fully informed and ready to impress. You’re welcome.

Officially opens on the 29th January 2018, from 7am – 11pm.

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