The Bingo Revolution Comes to Camden

By Fenella Tobey |
23rd January 2018

The revolution is here, and it’s here in the form of Bingo.

Before you think we’ve gone mad and have mistaken you all for an old lady called Marge, just bear with me for a minute. We swear, Bingo is up and coming and in a big way. Why? Well, when we live in a time where jobs are scarce, and money harder to come by than a train run by Southern Rail, it just makes sense.

A social game that continually promises its contestants the chance to win some quick ready cash. What’s not to love?

Ever heard of the Social Bingo Academy? Well you’re about to. They are the team responsible for bringing bingo back. Making it an approachable and friendly ‘sport’, they’ve beaten through the hoards of old grannies and cleared a pathway for the young and fun.

It’s time to get involved.

They will be offering a masterclass in bingo skills. Now stop your scoffing, shush, listen and learn, and thank us later. You can’t expect to win at anything unless you’ve honed your skills.

For all the competitive types out there you best get involved; but no getting aggressive with the dauber, the dots must remain on the page and not on your fellow competitors face. Learn the lingo, perfect your daub, and aspire to progress into a high speed bingoer.

Not only will you have the chance to win an awesome range of prizes, but you can also indulge in some of the best hot dogs around. Provided you can put the dauber down for a few minutes that is.

The Social Bingo Academy launches 27th January.

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