Bob Bob Ricard Embraces Off Peak Prices

17th January 2018

Listen up people, Shutov has had a brain wave and we’re totally on board. Who is Shutov, and what could this marvellous revelation be you ask? Well, let’s back up a little and fill you all in.

As you know we enjoy nothing more than reaping the benefits of off peak train prices, and out of season holidays. Leonid Shutov is the owner of Bob Bob Ricard, Soho’s luxury dining establishment, and it is he who has had the small epiphany. If other industries have introduced, and are benefiting from off peak pricing then why shouldn’t the restaurant industry.

The restaurant is introducing a new off-peak structure, allowing visitors to benefit from up to 25% off the usual peak price. Encouraging a better value between lunch and dinner and certain nights of the week.

What’s more this isn’t just a one-time offer it’s here to stay, and Bob Bob Ricard happen to be the game changers, with any luck other high end restaurants will follow suit.

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