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The Handbook

Who doesn’t love rock n roll and ramen? Admittedly this is not a famous combination, but am I right in saying no one is opposed, in fact everyone’s quite intrigued and excited about it.

Bone Daddies is the restaurant responsible for bringing Japanese food to the forefront of the London food scene. Ross Shonhan was a man with a passion for Japenese food. He says “I want to challenge people’s perceptions of Japanese food… I want to make it accessible to everyone”, how does one do that? Jam on some old school rock n’ roll and watch the flocks descend.

The first restaurant opened back in 2012, and since then the little rock n’ roll ramen bars have spread across the city, with each one specialising in a different facet of Japanese cuisine.

Bone Daddies Nova, is the newest and latest addition to the group. The restaurant will be split into two levels, seating 50 on ground floor, 40 upstairs and a further 28 outside. The décor will emphasise and compliment the restaurants rock n roll and Japanese inspirations using a mixture of materials, textures and graphics, including raw metal work, smashed up tiles and rich toned timbers.

Sounds good doesn’t it, and only two minutes walk from Victoria station, so get your diaries out and get yourselves booked in.

Bone Daddies Nova opens January 16th 2018.