Death Of The Goat: Smoking Goat Closes

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Fenella Tobey by | Posted on 9th January 2018
Death Of The Goat: Smoking Goat Closes

What’s that smell? It’s the smell of a dead goat. OK, steady on. Maybe that was a bit sinister, but it is a sad tale we have to tell.

Ladies and gents the Smoking Goat is closing. Grab your hankies, a tissue box or the collar of the guy next to you, because the time has come to say goodbye.  The Smoking Goat has been a stalwart on Denmark street for three and a half years. Despite its humble beginnings  the little restaurant has grown to be a favourite amongst locals whilst also drawing many from other parts of the city.

It’s famous not just for its smell but for its delicious Thai barbecued dishes. Smokey aromas fill your nostrils on entering through the door and the barbecued flavours encourage unattractive dribble and caveman instincts, as we are caught tearing sweet succulent meat off the bone.  What will we do with out you?

Ben Chapman- the restaurant’s founder, has always been so dedicated in obtaining the freshest produce; while his work with Cornish producers (growing native Thai herbs and vegetables) ensured that the dishes were imbued with a sense of integrity and authenticity.

All is not lost however, though we will be sad to see the Soho Smoking Goat go, all its success has enabled the team to open a second establishment; The Kiln, on Brewer street in 2016, and just last November a second Smoking Goat popped up on Redchurch street. So before you all enter into mourning, know that there is an alternative.

Stuff those hankies back in their soggy pockets drag your snotty nose away from that poor man’s collar and get ready to celebrate. It’s time to acknowledge the Smoking Goat’s success and enjoy all that it has to offer for the last time.

As a tribute to their time together the Smoking Goat team are hosting The Last Days Of The Goat Dinners; which include free plates of the infamous Fish Sauce wings for each table and menus featuring memorable dishes of Hang Lae curried pork rib, fish head curry and Khao Soi smoked goat. So, if you have been a die-hard fan for years or have yet to experience the wonders of the Smoking Goat, the time is nigh.

Get yourselves down to Denmark street while the Goat is still smoking and not yet burnt out.

The Smoking Goat will be serving its last lunch and dinner on Thursday 11th – Saturday 13th January 2018

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