Dry January, the first challenge of the year. If you’re attempting it, then hats off to you, if you manage it then we’re seriously impressed. London’s bars have rallied round those cutting back on the booze to create a whole host of cocktails that don’t have a drop of alcohol in them! Here are seven of the best, and one sort of but not really Dry January cocktails:

Sherwood Forest Cocktail at The Savoy

Last year The American Bar at The Savoy was winner of the World’s Best Bar, so you know that their mocktails are going to be on par with their cocktails and they’re going to be excellent. The non-alcoholic Sherwood Forest Cocktail is made from Seedlip, kefir cultured milk from the Caucasus Mountains, gooseberry jam, egg white and a little taste of Britain with English garden herb sorrel.

New Year, New Brew at Little Bat

Little Bat are proving that Dry January doesn’t have to be tedious, with cocktails that are so good that you won’t notice that there isn’t any alcohol in them. We’ve got our eye on the New Year, New Brew which is made from Seedlip Garden 108, cucumber juice, matcha tea, lemon, honey and egg white. They even have a free Dry January tasting session on the 23rd January where Fever Tree will be presenting their new Smoky ginger ale and spiced orange ginger ale to pair with Seedlip.

Conscious Cocktails at Sea Containers

Ok, so these aren’t non-alcoholic, but they are full of anti-oxidants, so if you do fall off the Dry January train, you might as well get your nutrients in. Each cocktail is made using PRESS juice and they include the Gum Tree made from Grey Goose, Mastiha liquor, PRESS strawberry zest, cinnamon syrup, strawberry and yoghurt. We also like the sound of the tropical Over the Sun made from Olmeca tequila, PRESS Immunity Smoothie, citrus, orgeat syrup and pineapple.

Agua Frescas at Ella Canta

Here’s a little fun fact for you – Agua Frescas are traditional non-alcoholic Mexican drinks, usually had as a palate cleanser and over at Ella Canta they have a whole menu of them. Get rid of any left over Christmas indulgence with the refreshing Coconut Rose and Lychee Water made with fresh lychee, nectar, lime and coconut.

The Persian Merchant at Seymour’s Parlour at the Zetter Townhouse Marylebone 

Now here’s an interesting cocktail for you, The Persian Merchant at Seymour’s Parlour at the Zetter Townhouse Marylebone made with marzipan, lemon juice and camomile water. It’s got a slightly nutty taste and velvety texture and bound to be different to any you’ve had before.

Elderflower Fizz at Lucky Voice Islington 

Singing is always going to get you in a good mood, but normally when we do karaoke we need a cocktail or two to give us some Dutch courage, however if you’re doing Dry January then you’re just going to have to throw caution to the wind or be brave and sing with a mocktail in hand, luckily, they’re rather delicious and include the Berry Smash, Elder Flower Fizz and the alcohol free Mojito.

Soda Sessions at Nine Lives

This one is for those who know that Dry January isn’t just for January (despite the name) but for the whole year. Drinks agency Sweet & Chilli have launched a booze-free party: Soda Sessions at Nine Lives. Running every Tuesday throughout the year, there’ll be Seedlip cocktails, 90’s hip hop, pizza by the slice and shuffleboard competitions.

Bird Tribe at Bird of Smithfield

Need some help getting your five a day? Then get them in, when you go for drinks after work. The team at Bird of Smithfield have packed their cocktails full of vitamins and nutrients like the Bird Tribe which is made from apple, cucumber, kafir lime and cardamom.

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