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The Handbook

Evelyn’s Table; the new restaurant that is as intimate as it sounds. What used to be the beer cellar at The Blue Posts in China town has now been transformed into a cosy little dining area.

So why should you go? Because it’s going to be the next best little hidden gem. It’s fun and quirky and serves some of the most delicious dishes. The team has created a seasonally inspired and locally soured menu of around ten different plates each day.

How does a Cuttlefish ragout sound, or polenta bramata with Mammole Artichoke?

Evelyn’s table offers a cosy and simple concept focusing your attention around the marble counter top you’ll be perched at. Facing the open kitchen, you can see your food being prepared, cooked and served straight to you. It offers a unique chance to be a part of the process and enjoy the wait rather than force the usual pained small talk.

Though most seats can be reserved there will a few set aside for walk ins. Guests are also invited to wait in the Mulwray lounge upstairs, which creates the perfect opportunity for you to relax amongst the velvet textiles with a drink or two before filling your tummies.

The restaurant officially opens on the 8th February 2018 but you can book your places from now onwards.