Make Light Work Of Lumiere London With Cocktails And Manicures

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Phil Clarke by | Posted on 11th January 2018
Make Light Work Of Lumiere London With Cocktails And Manicures

We’re receiving literally glowing reports from Granary Square Brasserie who has created a bespoke luminescent cocktail to celebrate Lumiere London, the UK’s leading light festival.

The festival this year sees light installations by Dutch artist Daan Roosengaarde and the Architecture Social Club placed around King’s Cross. The four-day event, part of the wider Lumiere festival that will be lighting up central London between the 18th and 21st January, will be a dazzling display of light and lights. Ranging from the West End and Westminster through to Fitzrovia and King’s Cross, expect to be dazzled.

To celebrate Granary Square Brasserie, which is located in the heart of King’s Cross, have prepared the Aviation Illumination cocktail. And the drink has a party trick: it glows! A fusion of Violette violet liqueur, Beefeater Gin and electric blue ice, the cocktail is presented in an illuminated glass, gently glowing blue. The creation, the work of Granary Square Brasserie’s mixologist and head barman, Will Beatty, is a beauty to behold.

And now you can glow too, as Granary Square Brasserie is offering neon inspired manicures to diners, with the help of WAH Nails. With designs ranging from fluorescent pinks, blues and greens to intricate nail foils and patterns, prepare to dazzle nearly as much as Lumiere London!

Nail painting available on a first-come-first-daubed basis from 4pm to 9pm, Thursday 18th to Saturday 21st January.

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