It’s easy to see why we have the January blues – in the last few weeks, we’ve spent too much, eaten too much and drank too much. Now the decorations and twinkly lights have been taken down, all we’re left with is the dark, miserable wet days, too tight jeans and a mince pie addiction.

Which is why we need to boost our moods in positive ways, like an invigorating walk followed by a Sunday roast rather than 3 back to back gym classes and then some broth – there’s a time and a place and the depths of January isn’t always it. The good team over at Roast in Borough Market have created a new-mood boosting roast dinner, with ingredients scientifically designed to make you happy.

The chicken is going to give you B6 to aid sleep and it’s filled with a serotonin-filled dark chocolate chorizo stuffing. Gone are the normal roast potatoes and in their place, you’ll find sweet potato, which regulates your mood, appetite and again gives you a hit of serotonin (the happiness hormone). They’ve also swapped out the usual vegetables for broccoli and beetroot – the latter of which can help to soothe your frazzled back to the office nerves, due to its magnesium content. It’s then all topped off with a rich, dark chocolate and red wine gravy which just tastes delicious.

As we all know giving to others is also a good way to boost your mood and £1 from every roast dinner sold at Roast will be donated to Crisis – so you can help others to feel better too.

The mood boosting roast dinner is now available.