Sheekey Secrets: A Conversation Series With West End Legends

By Fenella Tobey |
18th January 2018

Us: “Pssst wanna hear some sheekey secrets?”

You: “Hell yeah, what’s a sheekey?”

Well…the historic West End restaurant J Sheekey is launching a series of informal discussion evenings. The events will be centred around some of theatres most revered luminaries, and yes you guessed it, they’ll be spilling their secrets about the highs and lows of their careers.

It’s a chance to get the inside scoop on some of your favourite stars of stage and screen. The opportunity to get to know your heroes on a real level in a relaxed atmosphere. Join these thespians for an intimate dinner, and enjoy together a three-course meal.

Well, you will enjoy it, the celebrated speakers probably won’t get a spoonful in, as they’ll be too busy entertaining and answering your questions.

The first star to enter the gossip circle will be Leslie Caron, the Franco-American actress and dancer, who was first discovered by Gene Kelly. With many awards under her belt and a long career behind her you can only imagine the glamorous old Hollywood stories that will come to the fore.

Next up will be Ben Forster the singer and actor who shot to fame after he won the Superstar TV show in 2012 and went on to play the lead role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar. The list continues with a fantastic mixture of established stars and new faces.

Listen, learn, experience and most of all have a cracker of evening in good company.

Leslie Caron 29th January, Ben Forster 19th February, Jemma Redgrave 12th March 2018.

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