BIG update on the wedding of the year: Harry and Meghan aren’t getting married in Windsor Castle, instead they’re going to have their big day a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace at the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane. Before this gets all over Fleet Street’s diary pages I have to clarify, this isn’t Prince Harry, the ginger helicopter-flying royal, or indeed Suits star Meghan Markle, but a couple who coincidentally have The. Exact. Same. Names!

So this is a genius marketing ploy, basically any couple called Harry and Meghan (they are accepting Meghan spelt the correct way – Megan – too) can apply to have their wedding at the Sheraton Grand Park Lane, entirely gratis.

The lucky non-royals will receive an opulent ceremony, a fairy-tale reception and use of the 11,000 sq ft ballroom for 150 guests. The hotel are throwing in photographer, flowers, all food and drink, table plan, place cards, even the registrar to conduct the ceremony. They’ll also have the use of a professional wedding planner, to help them put together their right royal knees up. And knees wide apart too as then night will be rounded off with a night’s stay in the hotel’s Grand Suite, the most impressive bedroom in the house.

Applicants simply need to contact the hotel, and be called Harry and Meghan (or Harry and Harry or Meghan and Meghan, reasonable spelling permutations allowable). Oh, and be free on Friday 4th May to get married (don’t kick off about it being a Friday, you’re getting a free wedding here!).

Or, we have another idea altogether… Why don’t the actual Prince Harry and Meghan quietly apply? They absolutely qualify and not only would they save a fortune, throw off the press and fly under the radar. Or maybe they have?

In the meantime, I’m off to research changing my name by deed poll…

Apply by introducing yourself and your partner with details as to how you met and a recent photograph to

Main image: Alexi Lubomirski