Tonteria Launch The Thursday Ritual

By Emily Gray |
7th February 2018

During Mayan sacrifice rituals, humans were sacrificed to the deities as blood was seen as a source of nourishment and human blood was the ultimate offering to the gods. Taking this idea of a ritual, but most definitely getting rid of the human sacrifice part, Tonteria has launched their new night ‘The Thursday Ritual’ where the most you’ll be sacrificing is your chance for a hangover-free Friday.

The Sloane Square club which is based on the Tulum Jungle and the mysterious nature of the Mayans will be hosting the night in association with Arcane Gallery, a luxury womenswear store celebrating sexuality through fashion and art. In classic Tonteria style, you can expect a night of debauchery, entertainment and of course, frozen margaritas.

Check out the video below to see more…

Tonight – The Thursday Ritual

Today is the first day of The Thursday Ritual.Join us tonight as we embrace our culture, and start making sacrifices.

Posted by Tonteria on Thursday, 1 February 2018

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