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The Handbook

It’s a time of celebration for Orrery, which is celebrating its 21st birthday this year. For us humans our 21st is a rite of passage, you’ve finally grown up (supposedly), you’ve left the awkward teen years behind and you are making your own way in the world, wisely or not matter little. For restaurants however reaching 21 years is no coming of age shindig, but a hugely impressive feat.

Orrery has been a stalwart at the heart of Marylebone since it arrived over two decades ago and it’s now time for us all to sit back and appreciate it in all its glory.

This January also saw a major refurbishment for Orrery, its interior now features muted tones of grey, blue and lilac, and takes its inspiration from the south of France, a glamorous setting for its renowned fine dining.

What form will this celebration take, I hear you ask? A raucous party, an all you can eat buffet? No no, never anything so unsubtle.

Orrery is hosting an Alumni dinner. Alumni is the key word here, because over the years Orrery has nurtured and played stage to many fabulously talented chefs. Which means that these so-called alumni will make up one star studded team of excellent chefery.

The stellar line-up includes Chris Galvin, Chef Patron of the Galvin Empire, André Garret of Cliveden House and Allen Pickett, Executive Chef of the Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe. Take comfort in the fact that if the chefs are playing the game of who’s got the biggest baguette in the kitchen, you’re guaranteed to get the best dishes out on the floor.

And fear not,  resident chef Igor Tymchyshyn is there to oversee everything and will be starting off the dinner with an Orrery classic…I could totally spill the beans but perhaps you’d enjoy the surprise.

Book your place at this exclusive evening here.