Are you tired of being told to be quiet, of neighbours angrily slamming doors and housemates making a point of shoving on their headphones every time you open your mouth to sing?

Well, I have just the thing for you. Calling all soul singers, divas, shower warblers, and casual hummers, your time has come.

A place where you will be accepted, embraced, and encouraged to make as much noise as you can, hopefully in tune, but don’t worry, we can’t all be perfect. It’s a fact that singing makes you happy. Probably because depending on how good you are, singing is very similar to screaming. Singing engages all sorts of muscles and encourages you to control your breathing which is exactly what they continuously bang on about in your yoga classes. Why? Because by controlling your breathing you are conscious of that catch and release of energy.

When you sing you are creating something powerful and releasing it into the world. Ok, ok i’ll calm down, (can you tell that i’m an avid singer). I practically rush home from work just so I can jump in the bath and sing along loudly to which ever pop star I feel like being that day.

The good news is I’m not the only one. The Queen of Hoxton’s Glee club is on my level too. Sara Templeman will be hosting acapella sessions with different themes each week. From Britney, to Whitney and maybe a bit of Queen who knows what the weeks will bring. One thing is for certain you are a guaranteed a good time. Your voices maybe sore but your hearts will still be singing long after you leave. Don’t be shy, this is a free event open to anyone and everyone with a passion for singing or just generally making noise. It’s your time to shine!