Health & Butty: The Anti-Ageing Sandwich Is Here

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
3rd March 2018

Worried about wrinkles and can’t control the middle age spread? Are you spending a fortune on creams and lotions? You’re doing it all wrong, the fountain of youth has been discovered between two slices of Mighty White. Welcome the world’s first ‘anti-ageing sandwich’…

The invention, which could (we said could) change the direction of the entire health and wellness industry, is the brainchild of The Sandwich Spa, opened by Julie Montagu, Health & Fitness expert and (literally no joke here), the future Countess of Sandwich along with healthy food brand BFree Foods. Dubbed ‘Roll Back The Clock’, it only contains ingredients proven to combat the signs of ageing. So two slices of BFree Multigrain wrap, containing a combo of buckwheat and amaranth (which both support cell repair and combat wrinkles) and then stuffed with a range of age-defying foods including anti-oxidant rich sweet potatoes and spinach (great for the old phytonutrients that can help to prevent sun damage).

And it’s not just about the sandwiches at The Sandwich Spa, they’ve got the spa side covered too. Customers who choose to ‘Roll Back The Clock’ can enjoy the wrap alongside a vitamin C rich collagen-boosting facial. In fact, all the sandwiches come with a complimentary spa treatment while you eat.

How about a B.L.T.? Not Bacon Lettuce and Tomato but Beautiful Long Tresses, a sandwich specifically designed to boost the lustre of your hair though ingredients like tofu and walnuts, which strengthen hair follicles and keratin levels. While you eat it, enjoy a stimulating scalp massage.

The menu, which also includes ‘Mindfulness Bites’, ‘A Slice of Energy’ and the ‘Good Gut Club’, will be available by appointment at The Sandwich Spa popup in La Galleria on Pall Mall for two days only so stop staring at your muffin-top, cease worrying about your baps, use your loaf and turn back the clock at The Sandwich Spa.

From Wednesday 14th March to Friday 16th March at La Galleria Pall Mall, SW1Y 4UY and tickets can be purchased here…

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