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The Handbook

If you had a broken leg you probably wouldn’t be embarrassed about telling your housemates; if you had to take some time off work to treat a kidney infection it’s unlikely you’d think twice and if your friend told you she had just been diagnosed with cancer there’s no way you’d tell her to ‘act like she didn’t have it and maybe it’ll go.’

Funny then how when it comes to our most complex organ being ill, the brain, we do all these things. There is still a stigma around mental health. We might be scared to discuss it, we might not think it’s an illness or if we do talk, all too often we’re told: to cheer up, to get over it or most annoyingly told that everyone gets a bit sad sometimes- that’s rather like saying, ‘oh you have pneumonia, I sneeze occasionally too’.

Of course, there is now a big emphasis on removing this stigma, in getting everyone talking about their mental health and one way you can help is by dancing. Taking place on the 29th March, the Sundance Kids will be hosting a night of disco, funk and garage at The Book Club in Shoreditch to kick start the Easter weekend and to raise money for the mental health charity SANE. Lose yourself in the music, release those endorphins and help raise awareness for an illness that will affect 1 in 3 of us throughout our life time.

Dancing For Mental Health takes place on the 29th March 2018 at The Book Club, Shoreditch. £1 from every ticket will be donated to the mental health charity SANE.

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