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The Handbook

If the answer to ‘Who wants a free burger?’ isn’t ‘Can I have fries with that?’ then a. you’re totally barking mad and b. you’ve not had a Rail House Café Burgerdict. And yes, you can have fries with it.

Here’s the deal: Victoria’s Rail House Café is giving away 20 free Burgerdict dishes every day next week. That’s right, the first 20 orders each day, entirely gratis.

While the lure of ‘free stuff’ should be enough for anyone, you may still be wondering what on earth a Burgerdict is? No, not a meaty tribute to the Sherlock star, or an obscure and embarrassing medical condition, but rather a burger cross-bred with eggs benedict. The result, in true cross-breed cockerpoo style, is impressive and tasty (for the record, we haven’t tasted a cockerpoo to draw this conclusion, we’re just imagining the succulent possibilities).

The Burgerdict consists of a dry-aged beef patty carefully plonked on a freshly baked muffin and topped with a poached egg then doused in hollandaise sauce. It’s unique and incredibly morish. Which is fine, because you’ll have cash in your pocket given you’ve just scored a freebie. Buy a second…

The giveaway, in celebration of the restaurant’s first birthday, will see them part with a hundred of the things, so get planning now.

Offer runs from Monday 12th March to Friday 16th March.