If meditation leaves you feeling more ‘ermmm’ than ohmmm; if you find your mind wandering to what you’re going to be having for supper or you just wonder how breathing is going to make you feel like you can get through tough London days, then you need to check out the meditation workshop from Meditation: Unlocked.

At just thirty years old, property entrepreneur Niraj Shah, suffered a sudden and serious stroke. This event forced him to learn how to calm his overactive mind so that he could deal with the stress of starting his first business and the general frenetic nature of London life. The result was Meditation: Unlocked, an accessible form of meditation, which is less about the spiritual ideology and more about the science. There’s no yoga, no judgement and no religious element, just sessions held in unique settings and scientifically proven practical methods of how meditation can help busy Londoners.

Taking place on the 19th March at the Sanderson, Niraj Shah will be hosting a class based on meditation and anxiety. The hour-long session will guide you through techniques on how to deal with stress and anxiety through breathing and taking a minute back from our busy lives. And as the importance of our mental health is becoming increasingly apparent and (thankfully) increasingly talked about, learning how to deal with stress is something we could all benefit from.

Mind Matters Meditation Workshop takes place on the 19th March 2018 at  the Sanderson hotel.

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