Scientists Develop a New Way to Combat Air Pollution

By Eleanor Stancliffe |
13th March 2018

We all know that London has a problem with air pollution. Our streets aren’t exactly clean and we all know how much it is affecting our health, but before we all up sticks and head for the countryside, it’s not all doom and gloom. This is 2018 remember, we aren’t going to revert back to the pea soupers of the 19th century. We are more advance in science now, thankfully. And Lewis Hornby, Claudia Arnold and Nick Hooton, (three master’s students at Imperial College London and Royal College of Art) have designed glass towers, known as Pluvo, that would work to clean the air.

How? The 13ft transparent structures would feature fans inside which would suck in the pollution and use water mist to remove the toxic air before releasing back, 60% cleaner than it went in. Rather like a futuristic tree, minus the branches. Using power from phone boxes, street lights and electric car charging points, the structures would be funded by advertisers who could promote their brands on floating holograms that would appear within them.

Currently it is being patented and a working prototype is being built, but this is all very exciting news for London, Londoners and the environment.

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