The Handbook
The Handbook

Oh, to be a child again and get two weeks off school at Easter. Problem is we don’t get two weeks off, we have just four days to cram in as many hot cross buns and Easter eggs as we can and then it’s back to the office – admittedly to continue the cramming, just not in the comfort of our pyjamas. Meanwhile your little ones get another ten days off.

If you can’t take the time off to entertain them, then send them to Sharky & George’s Children’s Adventure Club in Battersea Park. They’ll be playing all sorts of games, such as tug of war, mini Olympics, rocket launching, water bomb catapulting and nerf gun battles and also doing Easter crafts– pretty jealous of them actually.

They’ll have access to the Battersea Park Bowling Club, including the private garden and of course the whole of the park, so they’ll be free to run around as much as possible which should mean by the time they get home all that pent energy will be burnt out and you can all cosy up with another hot cross bun…

The Adventure Club is open to children aged 5-10 years from the 3rd -13th April (excluding weekends). Book by Sunday 18th March for 10% off all bookings.

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