The Royal Cocktail Collection

26th March 2018

2018 may be the year of the woman, but it is also the year of Harry and Meghan’s wedding. As you can imagine the whole world is running around like looneys planning for the big day and frantically trying to figure out how they can best use it to their advantage.

Speaking of, Ritorno has curated a collection of Royal Wedding cocktails, using the happy couple as inspiration.

To start things off we have a rather romantic number called the Prince and the Showgirl, try and contain the wistful sighs. Using Harry’s love of vodka and infusing it with ginger liqueur, this is sure to make for a tasty tipple.

There are also cocktails dedicated to other members of the Royal family. The Queen of course has her very own original mix. Since our dear head of state has a particular preference for tea in the morning, chocolate cake in the afternoon, and a wee bit of Champagne in the evening, the team at Ritorno has created a drink that will not disappoint, incorporating bergamot, chocolate bitters, and Franciacorta, Italy’s finest sparkling wine.

George and Charlotte haven’t been forgotten either, in fact we’re almost keen to say they’ve out done their elders. Their cocktail even has a rice paper portrait of their faces on it – a little unusual but we’re sure they’ll taste delicious.  To keep things suitable their cocktail is non-alcoholic and comprises of a bitter orange and sweet peach.

Surely these are best drinks for a raising a toast to the happy couple?

The Royal Collection of Cocktails will run from the 4th April to the 19th May 2018.

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