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The Handbook

As a child, I didn’t expect to appreciate cartoons and fairytales at the age of 27 just as much as I did when I was five. Perhaps even more so, now that I fully understand all the little quips that went over my innocent head. And don’t get me started on conspiracy theories or how each film is linked… hours have been wasted on that. As a child I also thought I’d never appreciate alcohol, but some things change. Before I digress (further), why am I telling you this? Because there is a fairytale bottomless brunch coming to London.

Bringing three of my favourite things together, fairytale princesses, Bloody Marys and brunch together, When You Wish Upon a Brunch is taking place on the 21st April at The Aeronaut. Your ticket includes a brunch dish such as Eggs Royale or smashed avocado with chilli and poached eggs and three hours of unlimited Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Laines Beer. This might one where you actually want to pre-eat because avo and eggs won’t prepare you for three hours of Mimosas.

The fairytale part comes in to it, in the form of your costumes – (I’ll be channelling Belle, naturally) and their fabulous theatrical troupe, who’ll be performing your favourite fairy tale tunes and classic skits from the films.

Be Aeronaut’s guest, put their service to the test…they can sing, they can dance, after all miss, this is London…ok doesn’t have come the same ring but you get where I’m going with this.

When You Wish Upon A Brunch will be taking place on Saturday 21st April at Aeronaut, 264 Acton High Street, Acton, W3 9BH

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