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Unfollow Nandos, Get Free Chicken Wings…

If you thought that Nandos was cheeky, that’s nothing, if you believed that KFC stood for anything other than Korean Fried Chicken then think again. Welcome to Wing Wing, the company giving away free chicken wings on the proviso that you unfriend Nandos and KFC on your social media.

The Korean ‘Chimaek’ Korean Fried Chicken specialist has launched a campaign for today only to celebrate the launch of their Hammersmith restaurant and are offering to give half a dozen krispy Korean double fried wings when customers hold out their phones and unfollow KFC and Nandos on social media.

Chimaek, a Korean portmanteau fusing together the words chicken and beer (we need an English equivalent, beerin? Cheer?), is the perfect fast food combo.

So get down to Hammersmith on Monday and get unfollowing.

Wing Wing: Offer open for Monday 26th March only, 18 Hammersmith Broadway, Hammersmith, W6 7AB,