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Alright folks listen up, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity (okay, maybe a once a month opportunity)!

Do you know someone totally Moo Mad? Someone, who hasn’t succumbed to the latest Vegan trend, and doesn’t faint or curl their lip in disgust at the sight of meat?

If the answer is yes, then things are about to get very exciting for you.

Come the end of March you could be the proud winner of a cow. Yes, a whole cow. Before you start panicking as to whether it will fit in your box room or deliberating whether Daisy or Ferdenand is a better name for your new hairy pal.  Stop. I must warn you. The cow… will be dead.

Now now, spare no tears as this mighty beast will be at the very heart one of the most fantastic evenings of your life…(if you win that is).

The talented team over at Smith & Wollensky, came up with the competition idea as a way of inspiring people to cook and experiment with different cuts of beef. Like, we’ve all been lured into mistakenly believing that fillet steak is the best bit of the cow and anything less is…well, less.

But this is not the case, so many delicious dishes can be made with the lesser-known cuts and the purpose of the competition and dinner ia to open the eyes of the lucky winners to new opportunities.

Supposing you are lucky enough to win Daisy (or Fernando), then you and 19 of your most meat-loving friends will be wined and dined with a nine-course extravaganza of cow. There will be a variety of dishes inspired by, and created using, all (yes ALL) parts of the animal. Not only will you be fed incredibly well, you will come away motivated to experiment with different cuts of beef, and conscious of the incredible waste we make as a nation by not embracing all the animal has to offer.

So if you love beef, the environment, and a good night out, then it’s really a no brainer. The whole cow menu is available every month.

Psst…you can enter the competition if you follow the link below. The winners will be announced on the 31st March.