Think you’re pretty tough? Like how tough? Peeling onions without blubbing tough? Cold shower because the central heating’s down tough? Sitting through an entire dinner party Brexit argument without weighing in tough? Well don’t worry if not, ‘tough’ experts Tough Mudder are coming to London with a slightly less tough and less muddy version of their endurance event, and you can take part.

Tough Mudder, the hard-core obstacle course event series, was launched in the US in 2010 by Englishman Will Dean. Over 3 million people have taken part in Tough Mudders across 11 countries, but though Dean is former Londoner himself, the event hasn’t made it to the capital. Until now.

Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th March will see Tough Mudder arrive at East London’s Stratford and that’s when the pain begins. The shortened course will span five kilometers and will feature ten unique obstacle challenges, including five that are new to Tough Mudder for 2018. Among them ‘Everest’.

Everest challenges participants to run up a quarter pipe to reach the summit, while teammates are encouraged to hang over the top to pull their new friends up and over.

This Slightly-Less-Tough Un-Mudder event (there’s no mud this time round, and it’s only over 5k) is not only physically demanding, it also encourages teamwork and camaraderie in a way that most endurance events can’t. Rather than being wholly focussed on individual achievement, the events seek to bring out a more collegiate attitude among participants.

It also makes for a great spectator sport, after all who doesn’t enjoy watching people falling off things, or at the very least takes a secret pleasure in the suffering of others? So there really is something for everyone!

Apply to participate by following the link below, if you can’t make the March date (if, for instance, you realise you are woefully unfit) then the event will be returning to Clapham Common on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th September.