Swap The Central Line For A Zip Line!

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
25th April 2018

Forget magnetic hoverbusses or electric jetpacks, one day we’ll all get everywhere via zip line, I’m convinced of it. Imagine the scene, boarding a lift to the top of the zip line station in, say, Putney, strapping in, then a 15 minute straight adrenaline-filled ‘zip’ all the way to Canary Wharf, briefcase flailing in your hand. I’m sure it’s the future, I’ve written to Sadiq and everything, though strangely I’ve not heard back.

But it turns out I’m not the only person obsessed with zip lines, and it seems another group are way ahead of me. Welcome back Zip Now London, incredibly the world’s longest and fastest city zip line. The 750 foot zip line zips over 100 feet above Archbishop’s Park near Waterloo at over 30 mph taking in views of the London Eye and Parliament as you go.

Added features this summer include three simultaneous lines, parallel to each other, and (and this sounds crazy-much fun) a free-fall experience.  The ‘Mega Drop’ gives riders the chance to literally freefall before being safely lowered to earth.

Last year the event, which saw 30,000 take part, sold out in record time. Now back by popular demand, this is apparently the final summer that Zip Now will be running. Though it’s not clear why the fun has to end, we’re hoping that this is a Rolling Stones’ last ever tour scenario and they’ll be able to stay away with all the will power of Daniel Craig not playing Bond just one last time. But just in case, best book now rather than risk never getting the chance.

In the same way anyone riding milkfloat 30 years ago could sense a future where Tesla is king, the zip line is surely the future of travel. In the meantime, check out Zip Now.

Zip Now: Returns on 22nd May and runs until early September, www.zip-now.co

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