Snuggled up in the heart of Borough Market, Roast Restaurants’ namesake Sunday roast makes us Londoner’s wish it was Sunday every day. Then they brought out the Roast burger – so delicious that it was a roast beef, spuds and puds game-changer.

One year on, and it’s almost as if Roast is on a mission to out-burger themselves, but we’re not complaining. Introducing the breakfast form of the ultimate roast burger, consisting of Bavarian smoked pork patty, topped with a towering combo of (diet-ers avert your gaze), crispy maple bacon, Portobello mushroom, tomato and pepper relish, kale and a garnish of fried hens and eggs. So, if you’re someone who goes on a morning run, why not jog straight into Roast and make an ultimate breakfast burger pit-stop?

Sorry, I feel as though I’m red in colour with two black horns sticking out of my head whilst sitting here writing this, but it really does look delicious. The burger can solve many-a-problem; whether you’re downright hungry and want to swerve knocking up a fry-up at home, or if you’ve been out the night before for ‘just one drink’ and ended up crawling in as the birds tweet, then have a bite of the breakfast burger. To be even more of a bad influence here, why not pair it with one of Roast’s unique Bloody Mary twists?

I’ll apologise in advance, because it tastes so good you’ll be back for more.

The Ultimate Breakfast Burger will be sold at Roast from 7th May 2018, at The Floral Hall, Stoney Street, SE1 1TL