The Handbook
The Handbook

Rubens At The Palace is launching a new Go Green experience for guests, just in time for Clean Air Day. The package is meant to create a perfect hotel stay that is also environmentally conscience. Guests who use a Santander Cycle bike while staying at the hotel also get an exclusive discount on their booking to reward their environmentally-friendly choice. Included in the experience is a vegan afternoon tea and an outdoor exercise experience, as well as a chance to get educated on Rubens’ Living Wall.

The Living Wall is 350 metres tall on the side of the hotel with 10,000 herbaceous plants growing on it. It is a wildlife habitat that is improving the air quality of the Victoria neighbourhood and acts as natural insulation for the hotel.

The vegan tea includes sandwiches such as wild mushroom, avocado and rocket, scones with jam and vegan butter and delectable cakes such as the royal chocolate cake and zesty lemon and ginger bar.

Exercise options include outdoor walking or jogging tours with a staffer at the hotel.

Of course, the invoice for the stay will be emailed to guests rather than printed in order to conserve paper and save trees.