You may have heard of Taco Tuesdays, a global phenomenon for taco fans everywhere, the love for the crunch and the flavour that has you wanting more. But have you ever tasted vegan tacos?

Bend and spread, the Eagle has landed! The Spread Eagle is a vegan pub in Hackney that is starting this summer by launching Taco Tuesdays once a month for taco-lovers to enjoy three 100% vegan courses – a starter, three different handmade corn tacos and a dessert. Partnering with Club Mexicana, three line-up guests will take over and humbly showcase their take on the vegan taco, including vegetarian chef and best-selling Author Anna Jones on June 26th, organic sourdough pizza expert Matteo Aloe of Radio Alice on July 23rd, and chef Neil Rankin of Temper on August 7th. The pub’s signature cocktails will be served by Spread Eagle’s own Sherri Lee Eastabrook.

The highlighted dishes to surely entice you include a Crispy Avocado Tostada by Anna Jones, a colourful Marinara Tostada inspired by Italy’s most famous vegan pizza by Matteo Aloe, and Chef Neil Rankin creating a BBQ-inspired menu of vegan meat. It sounds like a treat! So make your reservations soon.

The Spread Eagle, 224 Homerton High Street, E9 6AS