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It was our absurd April Fool’s joke that seemed to have a few readers duped into believing that you really could eat dog food in Dalston – you laugh but it seems that our jinx has turned out to be true and the last laugh is on us. We’re such trendsetters.

Why? Because pet food company Freshpet is offering diners the chance to eat the same food as their dogs. In a bid to show you that their food isn’t made from leftovers, chemical and artificial ingredients or waste cuts, you can eat spaghetti and meatballs chicken fajitas and shepherd’s pie all made from the same ingredients used in Freshpet’s dog food. Don’t believe it? You can check out this video where they surprise three diners with a dog food dinner.

No dog? No problem. If you’re just curious you can still go and try it out without a dog if you really want…

Next thing you’ll find out that spaghetti really does grow on trees.

The Freshpet Food Challenge is open to anyone over 18 years old on Thursday 21st June between 3pm and 7pm at Hello Love, 64 Southampton Row, WC1B 4AR. Dogs are welcome, as are curious humans.

To register your interest, please email: