Assembly London: Covent Garden’s Latest Hotel

By Jennifer Korn |
10th July 2018

Stay at the brand new Assembly London and follow their mantra to ‘Get Up and Go.’ Assembly is located in the heart of the West End, between Soho and Covent Garden, so guests have no choice but immerse themselves fully in the city. Concierge is equipped to help people feel like true locals, instructing them where all the secret spots for Londoners are located.

Rooms are modern and sleek, only offering what modern hotel guests really want and need. Come and enjoy luxe beds and showers, sound proofing, air conditioning (necessary in this heat wave!) and incredibly fast WiFi. No more of the now antiquated mini bars, bed side phones and huge TVs!

Every accommodation has been inspired by London’s most iconic designers: Stella McCartney, Gareth Pugh, Alexander McQueen to name a few. There are 4 categories: Snug (a minimalist stay meant for one. Or maybe two incredibly close people?), Nest (a double bed with more space), Pad (some more room to unwind), and Den (the biggest option with the best views of the city).

Assembly also has a summer rooftop with incredible views of London. Expect visuals of The Eye and The Shard- not to be missed. Bar food and cocktail menu coming soon.

Assembly London has just opened at 27-31 Charing Cross Road, Covent Garden, WC2H 0LS

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