If you think there’s no such thing as a free lunch, well think again, because kindness will soon become the currency for scrumptious snacking. Vegans and vegetarians, might have come across Gosh! in most major supermarkets but this time it’s making an entrance to the London food scene. Gosh! is founded on the philosophy that we should be kind to our bodies, so why not extend that very same message to everyone’s way of life?

They are opening a pop-up café that will provide a free snack pot from 11am-3pm, serving Sweetcorn & Quinoa bites, Sweet Potato Pakora and other tasty morsels to all those who commit to a kindness pledge on that day. Easy right? Though some might say they find being kind is difficult, it’s actually fairly simple: whether you pledge to volunteer at a homeless shelter; pay a stranger a compliment; or even just pledge to be nicer to fellow commuters at rush hour, by adding your promise of kindness to the pledge wall, you get to enjoy a lunch as free as a smile. Remember to be kind to one another, kids.

What’s more, if you tag @goshfreefrom and #ProveYourPledge, you’ll get a chance to win a month’s supply of nutritious Gosh! goodies (free-from all major allergens). It’ll be perfect for summer picnics and BBQs along the river banks for a sharing treat, especially in this heat.

Kindness Cafe opening at London South Bank (Riverside Grass) only on July 26th and 27th, and launching in Dublin, and Liverpool as well.