The New Tea-riffic Taiwan Teahouse

By Lottie Hulme |
12th July 2018

Any excuse to drink a cup of tea and we’re all over it. If there’s something us Brits know all too well it’s that a cup of tea makes everything better. Quit your job? Cup of tea. Chipped a nail? Cup of tea. Lost the semi-finals of the world cup against Croatia? OK, sorry too far but, cup of tea.

The news that XU will transform into an authentic Taiwan teahouse during the day has got our excitement brewing – brewing, get it? Anyway…

There will be a special offer of 50% for their launch too as an incentive for guests to get involved in the ceremony of tea drinking at the teahouse that will offer traditional Taiwanese ways to enjoy tea, from your builders to your bergamot.

In Taipei, the ceremony of tea plays a huge role… tea playing a big role? That’s something we can totally relate to. The Afternoon Tea Ceremony will see a tea expert takes guests on a journey from savoury to sweet Taiwanese dishes paired with teas. You’ll learn about the history of tea, alongside growing techniques, flavour profiles and brewing methods.

So, you might want to recommend this to that person that leaves the tea bag in for about half a second before removing it and then persists to add a whole carton of milk. We all know that person, milky mayhem! They need some tea making tips.

There’s an extensive tea menu to choose from of course – sounds tea-rrific.

The Taiwan teahouse will be open during the day time from 29th July, with the 50% offer running from 18-29th July, 30 Rupert St, W1D 6DL

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