There is something so wonderfully enjoyable about a food fight, admittedly a waste but also an act of school lunch time rebellion ‘look Cook this is what we think of your cardboard pasta’ that said with the rise of primary school children owning smart phones and Jamie Oliver banning turkey twizzlers (something I still yearn for) they are no doubt Instagramming their lunches. Of course, for a proper food fight you want to head to the Valencian town of Buñol for its renowned festival, La Tomatina, where the town turns into a bloodbath of tomatoes flying through the air. That said, don’t go filling your suitcase with tomatoes quite yet, because aqua nueva and Downstairs at Carousel will be hosting their own festival on the 25th August.

The day begins with a menu inspired by the Tomato Throwing Festival, including a Ketel One cocktail and dishes such as Iberian ham croquettes with a roasted tomato emulsion; crystal tomato bread and bravas potatoes with habanero alioli. This is followed by a short walk over to our friends at Downstairs at Carousel in Marylebone. There you’ll enjoy a Ketel One cocktail masterclass, a Ketel One Bloody Mary to set your stomach for the battle later on, and then you’ll be given a poncho for an afternoon filled with fun, so get ready!

Whilst a food fight might seem like a waste and let’s be honest usually is, this tomato battle is a food fight with a conscious because the tomatoes being used are those which would have otherwise been chucked and no at least they are being chucked properly. Afterwards the pulp will be scooped up and donated to a compost facility. Given that it is set to be a particularly messy affair, bring as little as possible so you don’t find rotten tomato weeks later in your bag, don’t wear your new dress especially if it’s white (that’s just common sense) and wear shoe with grip, no one wants to slip.

Let off steam and revel in the sheer fun that is seeing your friend getting a tomato to the face.

La Tomatina at aqua nueva and Downstairs at Carousel takes place on Saturday 25th August, 2018 at aqua nueva, 30 Argyll Street, Soho, W1F 7EB

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