Experience the World of Fantasia at This New Immersive Show

By Emily Gray |
7th August 2018

When it comes to Disney films none are as enchanting, terrifying and mind turning as Fantasia. Brooms become a thing of nightmares, hippos dance in tutus, flowers come alive and classical gods rule the world and now you can immerse yourself in its world… without any hallucinogenics.

New immersive show at The Vaults is Sounds and Sorcery Celebrating Disney Fantasia, a mutli-sensory immersive concert which draws you through the reimagined world of Fantasia. You’ll be given a pair of headphones, so you can immerse yourself fully in the specially created binaural (that’s 3D sound for the laymen) recording whilst you explore an elaborate set where you’ll find yourself at a Grecian Disco Palace, in a mystical forest, wandering through pre-historic volcanic wasteland and most worryingly visiting human fish tank.

Running until 30th September at The Vaults it’s set to be a magical, nostalgic experience and no doubt will take me straight back to being a child, watching it at my Granny’s house and being too scared to go into the cellar where the brooms were…


Images: Laurence-Howe

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