Is This The Most Extreme Hotel Yet?

By Emily Gray |
9th August 2018

The other day we told you about some of the most extreme hotels in the world, well now I’m going to up travel editor, Phil’s recommendations with this: spend the night dangling from a zip wire in a tent 35 metres above Archbishop’s Park. It’s so extreme it’s not even a hotel, it really is just a tent.

If your Friday night adrenalin rush normally comes from waiting to see how much your bill comes to or whether you’ll make the last train home then it’s time to up your game (unless of course you hate heights, in which case you keep running for that train). Hosted by Zip Now London the company that brought you the world’s first augmented reality zip wire experience, Zip and Kip will be taking place on Friday 10th August for one urban adventurer. After a full day on flying down the zip wire you’ll then be able to sleep beneath the stars before being greeted by a well-deserved breakfast in the morning.

It’s not going to be all about the 5* creature comforts, rather it’s all about the 5* experience because you can guarantee that no one else will be able to say that they have slept in a tent suspended above a London park. Whilst it might not be the most luxurious, the tent is a portledge tent from Black Diamond the renowned outdoor equipment providers and you’ll have access to a supervision team throughout the night, so you can at least sleep knowing you’re in safe hands.

Bookings only opened this morning on Airbnb and the event takes place tomorrow so you need to be quick if you want to be the lucky urban adventurer then get booking pronto.

Our only question… what if you’re caught short in the middle of the night?

Zip and Kip will be taking place on 10th August 2018 at Archbishop’s Park 

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