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The Handbook

We’re about to lose our minds up Inhere, up Inhere…No, the space bar on my computer hasn’t stopped working, but rather Inhere, London’s first drop-in meditation studio, has arrived to provide private guided meditation classes and workshops.

When we think of meditation more often than not images of mountain ranges, sunsets and the full lotus might cloud the mind. However, you don’t actually have to use up the air miles to find a foreign sunset, as Inhere have created a custom-designed meditation pod launching this month, available for homes, offices, hotels, spas and other areas. We all know offices can be stressful places, with stressful questions being thrown at you every day – which takeaway will you have for lunch? Is it too cold for an iced latte? Who should be your desktop screensaver today? The list is endless.  However, to reduce the stress, founders Adiba Osmani and Ghazal Abrishamch have introduced these pods to help allow meditation in all places, to find that zen. And trust us, they know their stuff, with Ghazal being a neuroscientist from Kings College London, and Adiba banking a wow-worthy 12 years of meditation practice.

Inhere actually means “to exist within”, and that’s exactly what you’ll do whilst seated in the pod that’s equipped with comfy seating, headphones and the option to include Inhere meditations for users to select via an audio player. There are a huge range of positives where meditation is concerned, from the ability to better manage your stress to thinking more clearly and getting a better night’s sleep, and Inhere will offer ways to achieve this whilst continuing research.

What’s more, to aid with that clear mind will be a clear new central-London studio opening this winter, giving you something to get excited about aside from the bleak mid-winter days. The studio will provide pods for private hire so you can “Ommm” your way to equilibrium.

Inhere’s meditation pods will launch in August located across the city with the new central-London studio opening its doors in the winter.