The Handbook
The Handbook

As the Mad Hatter once said: “It’s always tea time”, and with this in mind Kew Gardens have created an afternoon tea as mad as a hatter. Yes, that’s right, an Alice in Wonderland-Themed afternoon tea is gracing the gardens until the end of the month, and, as affirmed by our favourite Cheshire Cat, every adventure requires a first step… and we’re here to tell you which steps you should be taking to attend.

The tea, which has come about thanks to the delight that is Afternoon Tea Week, will see a bundle of characters from the Lewis Carroll classic grace you with their presence, as you tuck into Cheshire Cat’s finger sandwiches, the Queen of Hearts’ cherry scones and The Mad Hatter’s mini tea cakes…oh, and The White Rabbit’s pocket watch macarons… as well as jam tarts. I guess they had to give a nod to the Queen of Hearts in some form, the foul-tempered monarch.

The sweet events will take place in The Botanical Restaurant, in true foliage-laden Alice in Wonderland theme, and as a dessert after dessert you can tuck into a performance from the Australian Shakespeare Company in the grounds. This extravaganza will see you delve into a number of catchy songs, games and enjoy a spectacle of colourful costumes. If the shenanigans make you feel entirely bonkers, well guess what? All the best people are anyway, or so Alice says.

Without further ado, welcome to Wonderland…
The Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea is available at The Botanical Restaurant from 2.30pm–6pm, Monday to Thursday and 2.30pm–7pm, Friday to Sunday, until August 27th. Royal Botanic Gardens, Richmond, TW9 3AB