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The Handbook

There’s Only A French Bulldog Café Coming

Fancy a Frenchie? No, not the word for snogging you used when you were 11 (see also: ‘snogging’) but the adorable dog that looks like someone accidentally opened the fridge door into its face. The French Bulldog is getting its own tea and people are going mad for it.

The tea is the brainchild of the same folks who brought us Pug Cafe and follows hot on the heels all sorts of doggie themed teas and brunches across the capital, from daschund dinners to border collie brunches, it seems our appetite for dogs (not literally) shows no sign of dying away.

Settle your Frenchie in for a PUGUCCINO (they appear to have actually trade marked this) at Pater Noster’s Happenstance on September 9th and shower your dog with treats like (cringey-pun-warning) ‘dognuts’, ‘pupcakes’, ‘pupcorn’ and glasses of refreshing ‘pawsecco’. There’s even going to be a PUParazzi session.

As for the owners, enjoy plenty of Prosecco and watch all the dogs doing their doggie thing (and then, presumably, clearing it up).