The Handbook
The Handbook

If you’ve never watched Friends please, refrain from reading this. You do not deserve to cast your eyes over such divinity having not watched, possibly, the best show ever made. WHOOOPAH!

The 90s Brunch is here, from central Perk to central London with a Friends themed brunch, as Janice would say here: Oh…my…God! The event comes as the result of Hip Hop Brunch LDN’s fabulous themes, and will (as is the norm) take place in a secret location. You can sit soft, with Central Perk-style mugs, whilst gossiping about the latest with your pals, hopefully without a Phoebe in the background playing smelly cat.

There will also be a tonne of food (here come the meat sweats), whilst Friends chimes away on projectors in the background. So, for a night filled with 90s bangers, it’s a brunch not to miss. Guests are also encouraged to turn up dressed as their favourite Friends character…guess there will be no Ross’ in attendance then…oh, there also won’t be any meat trifle before you get your hopes up.

So, it goes without saying; boozy friends brunch, I’ll be there for you…if you’re there for me too?

The 90s Friends brunch takes place on the 15th of September. Address? Well you’ll have to buy a ticket to find out: