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The Handbook

‘All aboard! Next stop hell’. No, not the Northern Line at 8am but an immersive banquet with the devil himself coming to London this autumn. Welcome to Journey To The Underworld.

The event bills itself as ‘the greatest love story never told’ and promises to immerse guests in a world of fantasy, fear, danger, lust, hope and love… all in the underworld. Climb onto the train to Hades, boarding at Pedley Street Station, as passengers are treated to their last meal, joined by Claude, the train’s shackled conductor and joined by his sidekick Gordy as they lead passengers on a journey questing for absolution, redemption and eternal love. The question is: will this be a one-way ticket?

Guests will have to use their wits to get out alive, and while struggling for their lives will also be able to sample a banquet from 2017 Masterchef The Professionals finalist Louisa Ellis, about which, at least, nothing should be hellish.

Ellis is known for her intense and creative flavours and has put together a curated three-course menu that will cleverly tie into the narrative of the event. And it’s not just the chef that’s known outside of Hell, well-ish known actors James Hamer-Morton and Charlie Bond are also going to be involved in making this a rather cool event to be involved with.

This immersive dining and theatre experience promises to be ghoulishly good, organised by Funicular who are already in our eternal (no pun) good books after bringing their sold out experience The Murdér Express to Pedley Street Station earlier this year (we loved it). So we look forward to the second coming in the form of Journey To The Underworld with the same level of anticipation.

Funicular’s ‘Journey into the Underworld’ opens on Friday 28th September 2018 and will run until Wednesday 7th November