One for the mums: are you feeling harassed, exhausted and run down? Is picking up, wiping up and cooking up driving you crazy? You know what you need? A ‘mumshine’ break. A new word hitting out dictionaries soon. Maybe.

Apparently this really is a thing, and increasingly Britain’s exhausted mums are taking the opportunity to escape the children and head to warmer climes. According to research by luxury villa agency Olivers Travels, 44% of women say they’ve taken time out to head away on a trip with the girls (not their kids but the actual girls, the posse, the galdem) to relax, recharge batteries and get away from the brats at home. Indeed 25% of mums have been away in the last six months.

While the research must’ve left out a large segment of the mum community who are single mums, or who simply don’t have the cash to splash on jetting off on a jolly, it’s nevertheless interesting. The top destinations for this mumshine include Scotland, Cornwall and Wales (I guess ‘mumcloud breaks’ would have been a bit less catchy), they also include France, Italy, Mallorca, Ibiza and the Canary Islands.

Presumably it’s no coincidence that this was commissioned by a luxury villa company, no doubt hoping to attract this wave of mumcationers, but it did get us thinking. What other shines could we have? How about dadshine? Blokes taking time away with the guys. Or granshine? For when your granny goes on another cruise. And, of course, famshine – time away with the family, hopefully abroad. Which is… just a holiday. Perhaps mumshine isn’t a word we need in the dictionary after all?