5 Reasons To Journey To The Underworld With This Immersive Experience

By a woman smiling holding a drink in black and white Emily Gray |
8th October 2018

Last month we told you Funicular Productions latest experience ‘Journey to the Underworld’ and now it’s opened, we’ve been and here are 5 reasons you need to visit:

The Food

The night isn’t just about the experience, it’s just as much about the food, some would say it is the most important part…well for us gluttons anyway. This time they have enlisted the help of renowned restaurateur and 2017 MasterChef The Professionals finalist Louisa Ellis, to create a four -course menu served throughout the evening. Dishes include gnocchi with black garlic, wild mushrooms, truffle and nasturtium and a decadent pudding of chocolate ganache with honey ice cream, honey crisp and bee pollen tuile.

The Set

If you go to a station, what do you expect to see? Trains (the obvious answer is normally the right one) and given that the immersive experience is held at Pedley Street Station you’ll find a train carriage straight out the golden age of travel ready to pull you into the depths of the Underworld… and hopefully back again. Dim lighting creates a sense of foreboding, skulls litter the tables and the scenes from the window will have those easily spooked feeling a little uneasy as the words ‘Get Out’ creepily appear on the fogged-up glass.

The Experience

The saints on earth have welcomed you in, you’ve had a drink to settles the nerves, the final passengers have boarded, the deathly driver is ready to go, and the doors are locked. It’s time to descend into the dangerous depths of the underworld with a sultry gatekeeper, a conductor Claude looking for the love of his life and his flamboyant assistant Gordy, the mysterious Dark One. Renowned actors James Hamer-Morton and Charlie Bond will lead you on a journey whilst you eat which is enchanting, funny and at times just a little scary. Watch the story unfold around you and participate in reuniting two long lost lovers.

Meet New People

Unless you go in a big group, chances are you’ll be sat on a table with strangers. Before you panic, think about this, how often do you get to meet new people where you can bond over food and a shared experience? Not that often. Not in London at least. Who knows perhaps you’ll meet someone and if not, at least it beats staying in and swiping right (or in most cases left).


It might be a given, but you’ll have fun, you’ll eat good food and it’s something different. And that’s all you really want from a night out in the end.

Journey to the Underworld is running at Pedley Street Station until 7th November 2018 


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