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For goodness saké, did you miss the start of world saké season again? The season officially opened on October 1st, on what’s officially called Nihonshu, but don’t worry, you can still get involved. And thanks to Japanese restaurant and saké bar Sakagura, located on Mayfair’s Heddon Street, we can all be involved via their saké tasting journey.

Saké is a Japanese rice wine, a sort of cross between beer and wine and a delicacy in the land of the rising sun. And here too, if you know where to get it. So why not attend Sakagura’s own mini saké and spirit festival this coming Monday? The event will feature eight regional sakés from across Japan which will include Gekkeikan, which is one of the oldest sake breweries in the world and Japanese royal warrant holders to boot, as well as Choya, made using locally grown japonica rice from Japan’s Nara Province. These will be joined by 141 year old Tosa Brewery, Heaven Saké and Heiwa Brewery.

Then, with the speed of a bullet train, head through a tour of Japan through the wonder of fermented rice. The event takes 90 minutes and involves education and conversation with tips on saké pairings, the varying differences between the sakés and as you move between brewing stations eight bites of Japanese soul food plus a complimentary Ochoko ‘cup’ to use throughout the evening and, lest you forget, a special ‘passport’ to take home with information about each brewery. And if you don’t want to go home, then why not head back to the bar for yet more saké?


There are just a few tickets remaining, the event is TONIGHT and will be a cracker and are available at the reduced rate of just £35 for Handbook readers . Enter the code TAKE4OFF to get this HERE.